Frequently asked questions


Do you have a question about a service or installation? We’re here to help! Here are some general answers to questions to get you started, but if you need additional support, we’re ready to assist. Reach out directly through on our Contact Page.

I can smell gas what should I do?

If you can smell gas within your house either turn off the bottles or the valve on the gas meter outside. If you feel unsure then move outside. Try to ventilate the house as best as you can and move outside if the smell is strong.

If the smell is outside either ring us on (03) 441 8178 or the fire department (111) if you think there may be a mains gas leak

How do I know if a gas fitter is certified?

A certified Gasfitter will be registered with the Plumbers Gasfitters and Drainlayers board and have a certification card to prove their qualification. If in doubt ask for the card?

Does my appliance need to be serviced?

Yes, gas appliances need servicing whether they are in the home or workplace to ensure they are working properly and safely. Landlords and accommodation providers have an obligation to ensure gas appliances are deemed as safe.

How will I know if my appliance needs a service?

There are a few signs that your appliance might need a service your appliance may; not start up like it used to, the flames may have turned yellow on your Hob, the temperature of your hot water supply may fluctuate, you may see increased gas bills and you may even get a strange odour from your appliance. If you feel that the efficiency has dropped or something’s not working as it used to then its time for a service

I would like to install a gas appliance, but I don't have a gas connection, what do I need to organise?

There are a couple of options. If you have a reticulated network in your area you will need to contact the energy supplier to join their network (Contact, Rock gas, Vector). If you cannot join a gas network, we can help you with a new bottle installation.

I'm pretty handy, why can't I just fix the issue myself?

Even if you’re a keen DIY-er it’s important to get a certified gas fitter to check your appliances. Gas leaks can be hazardous, and if left to operate incorrectly, some appliances can create Carbon Monoxide. Tinkering with your own gas appliances is dangerous and its best to leave it to the professionals as you could risk serious injury.

Why is there is no gas coming through to my appliances?

You may be out of gas or your meter may have tripped. A good way to check if you’re out of gas is to check all your gas appliances, if your boiler is not working but your gas fire still running then the issue is likely with the appliance and not the supply.

If you are out of gas you will want to check your bottles to see if they’re empty or ring your energy supplier to organise a technician to reset your gas meter.

My gas bottles have run out of gas; can we order some more bottles?

Gas bottles are normally delivered by your energy supplier, if you have 2 large bottles outside you will need to ring your energy supplier to arrange a delivery.
If you are out of gas you will want to check your bottles to see if they’re empty or ring your energy supplier to organise a technician to reset your gas meter.

How can find Gasco rates?

Please refer to our Rates page.

If we haven’t been able to answer your questions, please contact us.