Servicing and Maintenance to ensure safe and efficient appliances

Domestic servicing

Gasco provides a range of servicing options to ensure that your appliances are working safely and efficiently. Our service work includes multiple checks and tests in line with the NZ gas standards providing you with a gas safety certification. A service is a great way to make sure your appliances are working as they should and minimise disruption. Did you know that an annual service can be a requirement to validate a supplier’s warranty?

Energy safety NZ recommends that you get your appliances serviced annually and if you are a landlord it may be a requirement to ensure the appliances are safe. Gasco service individual properties, commercial kitchens all the way up to 5-star hotels and resorts.

Preventative maintenance reduces the risk of an appliance failing whether that’s a hot water heater in a rental property or a gas range in a commercial kitchen. Our team can offer service agreements to minimise the likelihood of breakdowns as well as repairing appliances that may have failed. It’s a good idea to get heating and hot water appliances serviced before the busy winter months. If you notice strange odours coming from your appliances or yellow flames are present its usually time for a service.


It's all in the card -
important safety information

A consumer guide to living safely with gas.
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Quick tip to
help keep
you safe

Call a gasfitter to check your
appliance if you:
  • Find it is not working properly
  • Notice irregular flame patterns (yellow or sooty flames, not blue)
  • See damage, rust or accumulated grime and dust

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Why it’s important

A service checks all the safety features, settings and working parts of your appliance. A service report or Gas safety cert gives you peace of mind that everything is working safely and efficiently.

Accommodation providers and Landlords have a responsibility to ensure gas appalicnes are safe. An annual service ensures you are in line with the New Zealand gas standards and regulations. Flued appliances such as gas fires need to be checked each year.

Gas heating and gas hot water is put under more strain in the colder months, a service minimises the risk of a breakdown when you need your appliances the most.

Some manufacturers require that you have your appliances serviced annually in order to keep a valid warranty.

Domestic Servicing

Gasco provides a range of servicing options to ensure that your appliances are working safely & efficiently.

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Domestic Installation

With Gasco’s professional approach we ensure all round communication, service and delivery on all installations.

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Cooking with gas

We install domestic and commercial kitchen equipment and the pipework to suit. Gasco can replace your existing appliances or install a new purchase.

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We’ve been around for a while

Gasco has been established since 1998 and carry out work throughout the South Island.

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What our customers are saying

At Gasco we pride ourselves on the quality of the work we provide. Being master gasfitters, our work is also covered by the master plumbers Guarantee.