Gas Connection

Connecting your house to gas can be done via a bottle station or a gas meter depending on what’s available in your area. Contact us if you need a new bottle station or a repair on an existing setup.

Bottle Stations

Bottle stations come in all shapes and sizes. Gasco can help if you require a bottle station for a new build if you’ve decided to switch to gas or even with alterations to existing setups.

The most common bottle stations are for 2 x 45kg bottles delivered to the site by an energy supplier. If you require something to suit high gas usage we can advise you on what is possible. Your gas supply may be fed from one small bottle if you only have a gas hob, we can help if you need to relocate the bottle.


Network connections

Many areas have reticulated gas available, in order to join the gas network, you will need to set up an account with the energy supplier. The links supplied below will help you to determine if reticulated gas is available in your area.

Gasco work directly with the major energy suppliers within New Zealand. Talk to us if you think any amendments to an existing connection are needed.


We are proud to be a fully certified locally owned company

As a locally owned and operated company we have encouraged training and development within our team. As well as understanding the regional requirements of the areas we service our team have been upskilled to offer the highest standard of service.

What our customers are saying

At Gasco we pride ourselves on the quality of the work we provide. Being master gasfitters, our work is also covered by the master plumbers Guarantee.